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Naam Yoga is fun and heart centered yoga. We work with our breath to have calmness in the mind, we move our bodies to create a strong and healthy nervous system to be in the right place at the right time and we work with the power of the word so our whole existence is uplifted, nurtured and enlivened.Naam Yoga is a spiritual science which combines many powerful yoga techniques from the East, with the Universal Kabbalah from the west, providing excellent tools for self-knowledge, self-healing, and, thus, graceful, healthy, effective living.  By attuning oneself to the unseen powers and forces of nature, as well as the Universal Laws, great results can be achieved.

Naam Yoga is a powerful practice that simultaneously and systematically brings healing to every part of the body by combining rhythm, mudra, stretching, breath, mantra and dance in one enjoyable, spiritual exercise routine.  It is the science of harmonizing unhealthy cellular memories and establishing beneficial vibrations within the physical and subtle bodies.  During class, students are guided through sequences that infuse every part of the body with uplifting thoughts, feelings and words.  Best of all, this practice is fun, challenging and engaging, both mentally and physically.  Each class culminates in Naam Yoga meditations, which are an exciting and delightfully fresh way to keep the mind sharp, the body healthy and the spirit high!

Some of the Unique Elements of NAAM YOGA®

SOUND: Naam Yoga® uses the power of vibration and sound.  Our brain and cells are in a continuous state of vibration and, therefore, are affected by other vibrations from any source.  Using your own voice, your own sound, is one of the most healing tools available.  One aspect of the use of sound in this practice is spoken word through mantra. Chanting mantra stimulates the the 84 pressure points located in the palate, raising the energetic vibration and also working on harmonizing the glandular system- specifically, the pituitary and pineal glands.  Each mantra is like a coded sound that behaves like a phone number, having an unique effect, causing one to connect with health, vitality, guidance, and a general state of well-being.

MUDRAS: Naam Yoga® also uses mudras, or hand seals, to produce a state of balance in the body.  With different mudras, we tap into the energetic lines running throughout our bodies (meridians) as well as the energetic representation of planets and elements also contained in each one of our fingers.  These healing hand positions are used to stimulate reflex points, which act as system-wide doorways for circulation and regeneration in the entire body. 

Naam Yoga® leads students in the process of consciously stimulating the body’s vast matrix of energy meridians so as to reverse physical, emotional, and mental imbalances and strengthen the body’s restorative capacity.  This sacred technology provides practical, integrative tools for radiant health and well-being.  Naam Yoga® is a practice that helps us connect the Macro/Micro relationship of all things, which allows us to face life with an open, joyful, hopeful Heart.


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