"I would take her class any time anywhere.”

Andee Leeds


Cindy adores the joy of movement as well as the sweet place of stillness that connects one to the flow of life. Throughout her many years of dancing in New Zealand, practicing and studying Klein Technique and Yoga in NY City, she is now lovingly guiding, uplifting, and imbuing students with her unique understanding of the human body, its sacredness, and its wisdom. Among the many modalities she draws from are Naam Yoga Therapies Levels I, II and III, Naam Yoga Pre-Natal, Kundalini Yoga, Klein Technique, Reflexology, the Harmonyum Healing System, Universal Kabbalah & Contemporary Dance. In addition to teaching Naam Yoga and practicing Harmonyum, Reflexology and counselling in and with Universal Kabbalah, Cindy also offers a very special class called Perfect Balance, which imparts her unique knowledge of Klein Technique with Naam Yoga Therapies. Cindy is committed to helping students create a space for spirit, allowing the inner and higher voice to be heard and honored so that life may flow with ease and grace.


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