"it has changed the way I think, feel and act, it's changed my life "



My name is Elly Numia,

I’ve adored Natural health since I was a child and now as a wise young woman, I’ve enjoyed 28 years of complimentary Nursing and Natural Healing modalities, see my website www.numiahealthcare.co.nz

I was introduced to Naam by lovely Stephy, Adrienne and Evie of Te Arai, north of Wellsford and met beautiful Nilamani and her sharing of Naam yoga in a yurt in the bush; a gorgeous experience!
We laughed our way through the music and movement and when I finished I found something in me had changed…and continues to change.

In conjunction with Natural therapies I used Naam to help me remove cancer in my body and being and I continue to work with individuals to help them achieve the ultimate in their health and dreams.
My passion with Naam Yoga is to run groups to help people diagnosed with severe illness reclaim their sense of self, self purpose and self love. To put light and love back into their auras and cells in order to support and promote self healing.

I’ve done it, and helped lots of others to do the same.

A disease sentence does not have to be a death sentence. It is often a gift we haven’t opened that gives us the opportunity to change what isn’t right in our lives and to start leading happy fulfilling and loving lives again. In the miracle of love, disease often disappears.

I can not take away any disease or process for you, or even fix you, but I can show you the tools to help you manifest what you want in your life if you are willing to put the loving effort into your self.

As our gorgeous founder of Naam Yoga, Dr Levry says,


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